Friday, 14 June 2019

FFS Friday - Tired

Now that we've broken up with our psych I'm back to square one with Chai. I'm thinking of going alternative. 
I've tried the usual routes but they haven't worked so maybe alternative is the way to go. 
I've ordered a fish oil blend that's supposed to be amazing so I'll give it a try. If that doesn't help I'm thinking of trying kinesiology. It costs a lot less than psychology. I hate to think how much we've spent on psych visits that were no help at all. It'd be well over $5,000.

You know what would be great? If there were health hubs that had all sorts of different health options. Dr's, psychs, naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, dieticians, counsellors, physios, chiropractors etc. Like a one stop health care centre where you could go and get all your health care needs met. It'd be so much easier than trying to figure it out for yourself when you really have no idea what you need because you aren't a health professional. 

We trust these people to act in our best interests and be professional yet in my experience they are often judgemental and quite immature. 

One psych we saw told me that it's up to me to heal my family.
One told me that parents who refuse to medicate their children are non compliant.
One was very inconsistent and got really upset when I questioned him. He lied about what had happened, then refused to see Chai again. 

I can totally understand why people give up and just bumble along on their own. It's been four years now and we're yet to find help for Chai. It's not for lack of effort.

We've seen 3 psychs, 3 OTs, a craniosacral therapist, a neuro-emotional practitioner, a chiropractor, a speech pathologist, a physio and a social worker.

We've tried bach flowers, cell salts, fish oil, calm drops, aromatherapy, magnesium, massage therapy and all sorts of other things that I don't remember.

I'm drained. I don't know where to go next, I'm tired, I have no idea how to help my boy and I need a break. I'm questioning my parenting ability, I'm wondering if it's all just me and I'm so very very tired. Staying strong when you're surrounded by people who are telling you you're doing the wrong thing is tough.

It really shouldn't be this difficult to get help that is not medication. 

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