Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Maybelline Made for All lipsticks

Maybelline have released a range of lipsticks that they claim will suit everyone. They have six shades Mauve, Plum, Fuchsia, Pink, Ruby and Red. 
I purchased two shades, Made for All Red and Made for All Mauve.

I love mauve lipstick, it's pretty much all I wear so I had high hopes however out of the two it's the mauve one that I don't like, because it's not mauve, it's a warm brown. Luckily they have a money back guarantee at the moment, so I was able to get a refund. 

The lipsticks are the Color Sensational formula, which I really like.

See? Made for All Mauve is not mauve at all! How can they call that mauve? Search mauve and you'll see the definition as a pale purple/pink colour.

Clearly Maybelline got something wrong. There's no way this shade is mauve, there are no pink or purple tones to it, it's a warm brown colour. Unsurprisingly it looks awful on me.

I fared much better with the red. This one is matte so lasts for at least half a day. The shade is beautiful, it's a cool, blue toned red. 

If you've purchased a Made for All lipstick that you aren't happy with and you'd like to claim your money back, click here.

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