Friday, 7 June 2019

FFS Friday - Own your space

It's FFS Friday! How are all you beautiful people?

Today I want to talk about sorry.

Yesterday at the gym a lady walked behind me. There was plenty of room, she didn't bump into me, she wasn't in my way, I didn't have to stop and wait for her to pass, she just walked past me....and apologised. 
She said sorry for walking behind me when she had every right to walk behind me.

What's with that? Have you ever noticed how often women apologise? We say sorry all the time. We say sorry when someone bumps into us, we say sorry when someone gets in our way, we say sorry for things that we have no need to be sorry for. 

It's like we're sorry for existing. We shouldn't be! Women are strong, capable, amazing creatures, we have nothing to be sorry for. 

I've stopped saying sorry. If someone bumps into me that's their fault not mine. If I get in someones way, too bad. I have as much right to be in that space as anyone else does. We aren't second class citizens, we aren't inferior, we don't need to apologise all the time.  

Ever noticed how often men say sorry? Not often is it? So if they aren't sorry why should we be?

We spend our lives being obliging, trying not to make a fuss, fitting around others and bending ourselves to keep the peace. That needs to stop. They can fit around us, they can change for us and if we want to make a fuss we can damn well make a fuss! 

So next time someone bumps into you don't apologise. If you walk behind someone, don't apologise.

Take that space, own it and don't be sorry. Know that you have as much right to be here as anyone else does. You're beautiful, you're worthy and you have nothing to be sorry for. 

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