Friday, 25 January 2019

FFS Friday - Stop, hammer time

I'm finding blogging difficult lately. I want to blog but I'm not inspired to talk about beauty products. I just want to talk. Problem is, I have no idea what I want to talk about. 

Last week I mentioned that I may have found someone to help with Chai. Finally.

Why does help have to be so expensive and difficult?
It's going to cost us around $125 per visit with subsidised visits. Once we've used all the subsidised visits it'll cost us around $150! 

Added to that, we have to drive to Perth for our appointments which adds fuel onto the bill. I'm grateful that we are in a position that we can find the money to pay for his treatment. We have to make a few sacrifices to afford it but that's okay.

Chai hates travelling. He can handle about half an hour then for the rest of the time he complains every few minutes. It's exhausting. We have a DVD player in the car but that doesn't keep him entertained enough to stop the complaints. Stopping for a break doesn't help either it just makes him worse when we get back in to the car.

I wish that there was someone down here who could help us, unfortunately there isn't. If this new psych can help it will be worth every painful car drive and every dollar we spend. We don't get started until the end of next month. The first visit I go on my own, so I'm using the next month to write down all the things that we're having trouble with. 

Watching my baby struggle is heart breaking. His funny tics are getting worse, his stutter is getting worse and his behaviour is getting worse. I so wish I knew how to help him. He's such a beautiful, outgoing and caring child. I want him to be happy and strong and confident. We'll get there. I won't stop until we do. 

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