Friday, 11 January 2019

FFS Friday - Over and out

Hello beautiful people! It's Friday, time for me to get my whinge on. So, what's been annoying me this week? 

Solo parenting. 

I'm over it. Bring on the end of this year and Tiger quitting FIFO. I am done. Totally done.Chai's behaviour is so much worse when Tiger is away. He misses his Daddy and so misbehaves. As soon as Tiger gets home his behaviour improves. FFS.

Tiger has no idea what dealing with Chai is like, because he's never experienced it. He thinks that he has magical parenting skills and that it's due to his parenting prowess that Chai behaves well when he's home. Hah.

Next month will be six years that we've been doing FIFO. Whilst we've agreed that this is our last year, it just doesn't feel real. I can't imagine Tiger being home. He hasn't worked at home since we've had Eljay. He started FIFO when Chai was just under two. 

If it actually happens, I don't think he's going to cope very well. Going from working half the year to working eleven months of the year is going to be really tough. Only having weekends off will be tough too. I have a feeling that despite our best intentions, Tiger will still be FIFO next year. 

We shall see. 

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