Monday, 7 January 2019

December empties

Now that we're into 2019, it's time to share my last lot of empties for 2018. 

December was a great month for empties, it was a lovely way to finish off the year. I'm hoping I can keep up the same momentum for 2019.

CK Shock Body Lotion
I used to love this perfume. I'd forgotten I had two of the moisturisers and rediscovered them when I was reorganising my skin care collection. It's a lovely fresh scent that I'd happily repurchase.

Soap and Glory Clean on Me
If only we could get the Soap and Glory perfume here. I love the scent of their products. Clean on Me is a lovely, creamy and hydrating shower gel, I'll always repurchase it. 

MooGoo Gentle Exfoliating Powder
Exfoliating powders and I don't get along. I struggle to get the powder/water mix right so they always end up too thick or too runny. Despite that, if I were to buy an exfoliating powder this is the one I'd buy. On the rare occasion that I get the water/powder mix right, I'm left with lovely soft skin.  

Natio Rosewater Cleanser
Easily my favourite cleanser, I'll forever repurchase. It's gentle, smells beautiful, is reasonably priced and removes all my make-up. 

Akin Deodorant
I'd love to find a great natural, spray deodorant. A'kin's smells gorgeous, however after two days it started to irritate my pits.

Victoria's Secret Temptation Perfume
Tiger bought this for me a few years ago. The scent is lovely and I always get compliments on it. Despite that, it's not one of my favourite scents and I was pleased to finish the bottle. 

Skin Again Serum
I love the philosophy behind Skin Again. They encourage you to say a positive affirmation when applying your skincare, which is a really nice way to start the day. 
Their serum is lovely, it helped brighten my skin and make it look plumper. I'll definitely consider repurchasing once I've used my current serum. 

L'oreal Botanicals Lavender Shampoo and Hair Mask
the L'oreal Botanicals range is gorgeous. I've used the rose products and the lavender ones. I'd happily repurchase both of them, they kept my hair feeling soft and smooth.

EchoLife Lavender Facial Mist
It's a shame EchoLife don't sell their face mists any more, they were a bargain. I used the lavender one for the boys. I'd spray it on their sheets and feet before bed, they loved it.

Natio Spa Body Polish
It's been years since I used a Natio body scrub. They're quite nice, but I prefer coffee scrubs because I love coffee.
I wouldn't purchase this again, purely because I prefer coffee scrubs.

Frank Body Whipped Scrub
Finally a cream scrub that is scrubby! Usually cream scrubs fall short in the scrub department and are more like shower gel than scrub. Frank got it right with this one, there's plenty of scrubby bits and you get a good exfoliation. 
The packet is perfect for travelling as it's resealable and mess free.

BX Earth Shower Gel
This is our family favourite shower gel. it's cheap, smells great and is gentle on the boys skin. I buy it online from Chemist Warehouse when it's on sale.

Essano Superfoods Kale Daily Moisturiser
I really like the Superfoods products that I've tried, if I was ten years younger it's a range that I'd definitely use. It's not quite hydrating enough for my skin so I won't repurchase.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser
I have no idea why I don't use Purity Made Simple more. It's a lovely cleanser, when I lived in the city and could purchase it in store it was my hg cleanser. The only reason I don't use it now is because I have to order online. 
It's a great, gentle cleanser and make-up remover for sensitive skin, as it's fragrance free and doesn't irritate. 

SKII Facial Treatment Essence
After going through two little bottles, I have no idea what this does or why it gets so much hype. It made no difference to my skin at all. 

Audra James Facial Mist
As usual with Audra products, the facial mist is beautiful. I kept mine in the fridge for a cool, refreshing spritz whenever I needed it.  

Wild Roses Shower Gel
My MIL gave me a pack with some rose products in it. They all smelled beautiful, so of course I loved them. This was a regular shower gel, it did the job. 

UVIQ SPF50 Moisturiser
Another day, another sunscreen that I'm allergic to. Thankfully the ones that don't work on my face I can use on my neck, chest and arms so they don't go to waste. The joys of having sensitive skin. 

Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask
I like hydrating masks and try to apply them weekly. Skin Nourish Mask was lovely to use and left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. At $73 I won't be purchasing the full size, there are plenty of masks that do the same thing for a lot less.

Essano Superfoods Turmeric Serum
I loved the gorgeous lemonade scent and how light this feels on the skin. I don't find it hydrating enough for me, however it'd be great for oily skin or as a light morning moisturiser.

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Absolute Serum 
I had high hopes for this, mainly because it has roses in it. Surprisingly it didn't have a very strong rose scent. It was a nice serum, it kept my skin hydrated and soft. I need a bit more from my serums so won't purchase this again, however if hydration is what you need in a serum, this might be worth checking out.

WelleCo Rose Creme 
I didn't get along with this at all. I was hoping it'd be rose scented bliss, but it irritated my skin and didn't have much of a rose scent. I used it on my legs to get rid of it.  

I really don't like samples so am doing my best to use them up as I get them. 

Vitamasque Manuka Honey Hydrating and Moisturising Mask. This just didn't work for me, it irritated my skin and I had to remove it after a few minutes as it was burning.

The Marc Jacobs Shameless, Stila Stay All Day and Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundations were all nice. I'd considering purchasing them if I didn't already have a pile of foundations.

Bobbi Brown Face Base was lovely, I really want to buy a pot, but at $85 I just can't bring myself to.

The Bobbi Brown lip products were all gorgeous. I didn't expect to like the matte lipstick or gloss, but they were both amazing. Bobbi really can't do any wrong when it comes to her lip products. 

I love The Body Shop Body Yoghurts, they're such a gorgeous product. I have a full size of the rose one, it's great for winter when I need to moisturise then get dressed straight away, because it absorbs almost instantly. 

Urban Decay Primer Potion has been in my collection for years. I'm planning on buying the anti-aging version next. 

I loved the Plunkett's Aloe Vera Facial Mask, it was very soothing and left my skin feeling wonderfully soft.

I was hoping that the Skin Republic Foot Peel would be a good (and much cheaper) replacement for Milky Foot but it's not. It works quite well, but the peel is nowhere near as intense as Milky Foot. When I use Milky Foot there's a huge difference in the look and feel of my feet. When I used Foot Peel there wasn't any noticeable difference. 

Tatcha Cleansing Oil was pleasant to use, that's about all I can say as I only got one use out of the sachet and that's not enough to form an opinion.

These products were either tossed or given away. Most of them are old and expired.

The Myaura Organics deodorant was tossed because it balls up under my arms and I drop little white balls wherever I walk, not a good look. It's quite an effective deodorant so it's a shame that it balls up. I've tried using less but no matter how much I applied it still balled up. 

The Kiehl's moisturiser was a toss because I couldn't get anything out of the bottle and I just don't have time for that crap.

Essano Gel Cleanser smells lovely but is way too drying for my skin. 

I had a mini declutter and got rid of a pile of lip products that are either old or not pleasant to use. 

I also went through my nail polishes. For someone who rarely wears nail polish, I have no idea why I have so many. They're all old because I haven't purchased nail polish for around three years now. I kept a few that I'll use and the rest were tossed.

In a move that I'll no doubt be regretting very soon, I also let the boys keep five polish bottles. I've given them strict instructions that it can only be used outside, I wonder how long that'll last. 
Wish me luck.

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