Friday, 4 January 2019

FFS Friday - Soft

Has anyone else's get up and go got up and gone? Mine has. I had all these plans to get so much done over the last few weeks and I've done nothing. Relaxing has been lovely but totally unproductive. Oh well. I don't even have a care factor about getting nothing done, it's been so wonderful.

Yesterday Dad turned 71. Aging sucks. He regularly talks about "when I'm gone" and it's awful. I hate to think of my life without him in it. Dad's fit and healthy so will hopefully be around for a lot longer, but it's still horrible to hear him talking about not being here. 

Every December or January an expensive household item breaks. It's happened for the last five years. The first four years it was something to do with the pool. This year decided to up the ante and our air conditioner broke. It picked the perfect time to break, at 4.30pm on Friday the 21st of December, right before everyone was going on their Christmas holidays. Naturally, Tiger was away.

I rang the air conditioner shop who told me it sounded like it was the motor which wasn't good news and they couldn't get anyone out to look at it until the 4th of January. FFS.

Chai and I do not cope with the heat. We headed to Kmart and bought a fan. FFS.

The air conditioner people were very kind and got someone over on the 28th of December. It wasn't good news. We need a new air conditioner. It's going to cost $3,500. That's $3,500 that we don't have. FFS.

This year we are all about paying off debt so that Tiger can come home. Adding to our debt was not in the plan. Living without an air conditioner is not in the plan either. 

Moving into a rental is looking pretty good right now.

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