Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Frank Body Lip Balms

Frank Body lip balms

Frank Body is such a funny brand. I love their cheeky slogans, messages and advertising, it always gives me a good laugh. Even better, their products are lovely. Whilst I love their coffee scrubs, I particularly love their lip balms.

I have all of their balms, the original, Send Nudes tinted balm, the shimmer balm and Cherry Bomb tinted balm. 

The Original balm is coffee flavoured, Send Nudes is a caramel coffee flavour, shimmer has a lemonade flavour and Cherry Bomb is cherry flavoured. 

All of the balms are beautifully hydrating, they keep my dry winter lips soft and comfortable. The texture is very smooth with a glossy, non sticky finish. They can be hard to dispense in winter, I keep mine in my pocket so that it's warm and easy to use.  

Both of the tinted balms can also be used on the eyes and cheeks, making them a great multi purpose product. They give sheer, buildable coverage. If you are after opaque coverage, these aren't for you. If you want sheer, natural coverage, this is it.

The shimmer balm is glossy, not a glitter filled shimmer. It makes my lips look super glossy, which I love.

Frank Body original balm, Send Nudes tinted balm, shimmer balm, Cherry Bomb tinted balm
Out of all the balms, Send Nudes is my favourite. Aside from the gorgeous flavour, the rosy pink colour is perfection. 

Frank Body balms are cruelty free, petrolatum free and all natural.  

If you want to try all the balms, the Lip Trio kit is a great choice. It contains the original, Send Nudes and Cherry Bomb balms for $29.95. You can also buy each balm separately, the original balm costs $9.95, the tinted balms cost $11.95 and the shimmer balm costs $12.95.

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