Wednesday, 11 July 2018

MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour in Purple Panna Cotta

When MAC came out with a range of flavoured lip products, I knew they had to be mine. I'm all about flavoured lip products, if I had my way all my lip products would be flavoured.

The range is quite bright and pigmented so the only colour I'd wear is Purple Panna Cotta, although having said that, I'm quite tempted to get a few more. If I could see them in person I probably would, buying online I have more restraint, which is probably a good thing!

The texture of these is mousse like, MAC call it a whipped mousse which is very accurate. It's creamy, smooth and opaque with one layer. The colour is what you'd expect from a liquid lipstick, without the drying texture they usually have. Unlike liquid lipsticks, these don't dry down on the lips, they stay wet and shiny, partly thanks the the shimmer finish. 
The shimmer is subtle, more of a shine than an obvious glitter.

I get three to four hours wear before the colour starts to fade.

My favourite way to wear Purple Panna Cotta is over the top of MAC Syrup. Together they are perfection. They were made for each other. Layering Purple Panna Cotta over Syrup also means that the colour wears longer, usually at least six hours.

The Oh, Sweetie range is currently available at Mecca Cosmetica. I expect it's also available at MAC counters, it's not on the MAC website yet.  

From bottom: MAC Syrup, MAC Purple Panna Cotta, Syrup with Purple Panna Cotta over the top

MAC Oh, Sweetie Lipcolour costs $35. I purchased mine online from Mecca Cosmetica. 

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