Tuesday, 24 July 2018

My favourite my lips but better lipsticks.

My Lips But Better (mlbb) lipstick is something that only beauty fanatics understand. Most people don't see the point in wearing a lipstick that is the same colour as your lips. For those of us who do like mlbb lipsticks, finding the right one can be a real mission. If you're looking for mlbb inspiration, the British Royals have it down to an art.

I remember years ago helping one of my friends find a new lipstick. She wanted something natural looking and we found what I thought was the perfect lipstick. When she got home and tried it on she was so disappointed because it was the same colour as her lips. She told me that it was the same colour as her lips so there was no point wearing it. I told her that whilst it was the same colour, it made her lips look a little brighter, smoother and plumper. She didn't agree. Fair enough.

Unlike my friend, I love mlbb lipsticks. I love how easy they are to use, they subtly brighten up my face, add moisture, don't fade off unevenly and make me look and feel just that little bit more put together. I have pigmented, pink lips and suit cool toned colours. If you're the same, here's a list of lipsticks that might work for you. 

From top: MAC Syrup, Bobbi Brown Sazan Nude, Chanel Evanescente, Urban Decay Backtalk, Neek Pash, Raww Fancy Fig, Revlon Honey, Shanghai Suzy Miss Jacqui

Shanghai Suzy Miss Jacqui Pink Lace

Shanghai Suzy Miss Jacqui Pink Lace
Miss Jacqui lives in my make-up bag, it's my daily go-to lipstick at the moment. I love the gorgeous strawberry scent and flavour of Shanghai Suzy lipsticks, I also love how hydrating and long lasting they are. 
Miss Jacqui comes in the satin luxe formula and is a cool toned nude. 
At only $19.95 each, you can afford to get a few different shades. 
Shanghai Suzy lipsticks are vegan, cruelty free and made in Australia.

Revlon Honey Kissable Balmstain

Revlon Honey Kissable Balmstain  
Honey is so easy to wear. It's a mauve pink that I could happily wear every day, the colour is gorgeous. It's easy to apply, very portable and such a pretty shade. 
Honey is one of those lipsticks that I'll always have in my collection, it's the perfect every day shade. Back when I had a job outside of the home, Honey was my handbag lipstick because I knew it'd go with whatever I was wearing.

Raww Cosmetics Fancy Fig Coconut Kiss Lipstick

Raww Cosmetics Fancy Fig Coconut Kiss Lipstick
I love how hydrating and creamy the Raww lipsticks are, they feel lovely on. I'd happily wear this in place of lip balm, it feels like a lip balm, with the colour payoff of a lipstick. 
Fancy Fig is a satin formula with creamy finish. It applies quite thickly, layers well and lasts around four hours before wearing off.  
Fancy Fig is the deepest of my mlbb lipsticks, the shade is a deep pinky mauve.
Neek Skin Organics Pash Lipstick

Neek Skin Organics Pash
If you're after a cruelty free, all natural, vegan lipstick, Pash is the one for you. The dusty mauve pink colour is beautiful. Neek say this is a satin formula, I find it to be more matte than satin. It's not as hydrating as some of the other lipsticks, however it's one of the longest lasting, I get at least five hours wear before it starts to fade away. 
Neek also have a clear gloss lipstick that can be worn over the top if you want a bit of shine.

Chanel Evanescente Rough Allure

Chanel Evanescente Rouge Allure
There's something about putting on a Chanel lipstick that feels so indulgent.  
Evanescente is the lipstick I wear when I want to feel fancy and have something on my lips, without making much effort. 
The colour is very sheer, it's more like wearing a lightly tinted lip balm. I find that Evanescente is barely noticeable on my lips, but sometimes a hint of colour is all that I want. 
The shade is a sheer, nude, pinky brown with a glossy finish. 

Urban Decay Backtalk Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Backtalk Vice Lipstick 
You know when you get a new lipstick, put it on and it's just perfect? That's what Backtalk is. The second I put it on I knew it was my perfect shade. It's everything I look for in a lipstick. Backtalk comes in the comfort matte formula, which funnily enough is a very comfortable matte. It's not drying even when I wear it every day. Being matte, the colour lasts around six hours before wearing off. 
I'm planning on getting the Backtalk gloss to wear over the top, which would extend the wear time considerably. 
If you like pinky mauve lipsticks, Backtalk is a must have. 

Bobbi Brown Sazan Nude Crushed Lip Colour
Bobbi Brown Sazan Nude Crushed Lip Colour
When I ordered Sazan Nude I wasn't sure if it'd work for me as it looks cool toned in some photos and warm toned in others. I'm thrilled that it works for me. 
Sazan Nude is one of those shades that I think would look good on a lot of different complexions, it hovers between cool and warm depending on who's wearing it. On me it looks like a cool, pinky brown.  
The Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colour formula is very unique, they feel weightless on the lips, layer really well and last for ages. One layer gives a barely there, just bitten look, two layers gives an opaque coverage and three layers gives long lasting, full on colour.

MAC Syrup

MAC Syrup
Oh Syrup. You were the first MAC lipstick that I fell in love with and the only MAC lipstick that I'll continue to purchase. 
This is the only lipstick that I've used up and repurchased, I'm onto my third tube. 
Syrup looks quite purple in the bullet, but if you have pink pigmented lips like me, it's perfection on. The lustre formula is lovely, it feels very light on the lips and has a gorgeous glossy finish.

Clockwise from top left: Urban Decay Backtalk, Neek Pash, Chanel Evanescente, Revlon Honey Balmstain, Shanghai Suzy Miss Jacqui, Raww Fancy Fig, MAC Syrup, Bobbi Brown Sazan Nude

What's your favourite mlbb lipstick?


  1. Revlon Honey is a fave of mine too. It’s the perfect handbag lipstick and like you, pre-kids it was my go-to work shade :)


  2. I think I need that Mac lipstick ! Ha !


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