Monday, 9 July 2018

2018 Project Pan Update Three

We're halfway through the year and I'm halfway through my project pan. 
I've found it quite eye opening to realise how long it takes to use products up. It certainly makes me think twice before buying new products.

Last week I finally found my holy grail mascara (Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying, review coming soon) so I've tossed all my other mascaras. I'd already done a cull so only had a few left, but once I started using the Designer Brands mascara I knew I wouldn't use the others so gave them away. If you have yet to try a tubing mascara, buy one and prepare to be amazed.

I also did a cull of my bronzers (read that post here). For someone who rarely wears bronzer it was ridiculous that I had 13!

Having all my make-up (other than lip products) in the same place makes things so much easier. I can go through, check out what I've got and cull where necessary. Highlighters and blushes are next on my cull list. 

Back to my project pan. I've now finished 29 products. WooHoo!

Looking at this photo shows the products I do finish: lip balm, primer, foundation and mascara. I won't go through mascara as quickly now that I've found my holy grail, I only finished the ones in the photo because I had so many open at once.

For anyone who's interested, here's the list of what I've finished so far:
9 lip balms
1 lip gloss
1 lipstick
1 eye primer
3 primers
2 eye shadows
4 mascaras
3 foundations
2 eyeliners
1 brow pencil
1 brow gel
1 blush 

I have nearly finished my Givenchy Magic Lip and Cheek balm, that'll probably be done within the next day or two. I've also hit pan on my current foundation (a discontinued Bourjois one). They're the only two products that I'm nearly done with. I'm hoping to have 50 make-up empties by the end of the year, so far I'm on track, hopefully I can keep the momentum up and either reach or exceed my target.

You can see my original project pan post here,my first update here and my second update here.

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