Friday, 13 July 2018

FFS Friday - Brainy

I've had Tigers whole family here since Tuesday. FML.

Added to that, the boys and I are sick. Chai got sick first, then I got sick, then Eljay got sick, then Chai got sick again. Fun times.

It's been a long, slow week. 

MIL is her usual annoying self. 

She's still lecturing us about how we look after Shelby. 
As a joke Tiger told her she could be the dog trainer, so now she's decided that's what she'll do. FFS.

I have to hide in my room, every time I come out she starts lecturing me about how to train a dog and how she did obedience classes with her dog so she knows all about how to train a dog. Right.

If I didn't have a cold I'd decamp to my BFF's or Mum's house, but I don't want to infect them so I'm stuck here, hiding in my bedroom. 

I can't wait for them to leave. 

Every time I leave the bedroom MIL starts talking at me. She doesn't talk to me, no responses are required, she just talks at me, non stop, barely even taking a breath. 

This visit she's been acting like a child and dobbing on everyone. 
She dobbed on the BIL because he didn't wash his hands after he put washing in the machine.
She dobbed on Eljay when he only ate the sugar off the oats she made him, 
she dobbs on the boys every time they get something to eat. FFS.

I don't understand why she thinks the boys should check before getting food. They know what food they can eat and what food they have to ask for. As long as it's healthy they can help themselves to whatever they want. I don't mind when they eat. If they've just finished breakfast and they're still hungry, that's fine. If it's just before lunch and they want to eat, that's okay too. They eat when they're hungry, not to a set schedule.

They also don't have to eat food if they don't want to. I'm lucky that the boys both like fruit and veggies, that's what they mainly eat, so if there's something they don't like, they don't have to eat it. Simple. If only MIL could understand that. It's not like I haven't told her over and over again. I've been telling her for 7 years now. She still doesn't get it.

The whole attitude about kids being inferior and not having rights really annoys me. They are people just like us, they have the same rights we do. They are not inferior, they should not be subservient and they do not have to be told what to do all day. Kids won't learn to be independent if they're constantly ruled and monitored.

Both BIL and Tiger have had enough of MIL and have both had words with her. Thursday she got annoyed with them both telling her off and left the house for the whole day, it was lovely. 

Later on she told me that she doesn't get along as well with BIL because he thinks she's telling him what to do all the time. That's exactly what she does. She does it to us too. I told her that she is constantly tell everyone what to do, the only difference is that Tiger and I put up with it and BIL doesn't. 

This visit MIL told me that Tigers family (meaning BIL and the PIL's) come before me and the boys, because "wives come and go but your family will always be your family". FFS.
She wasn't even joking. 
Since she's religious, I reminded her that the bible says that a man will leave his parents, find a wife and start his own family. That shut her up. Heh. 

They leave on Sunday. I'm counting down. Pretty sure I'm brain dead, it's been a tough week.

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