Sunday, 23 July 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. We've been in home improvement mode lately and I love it. Tiger put in a wood heater and he put up curtains in our bedroom and the nursery. It makes the house look so much better. The front garden is next, I want to pull out all the plants and just have lawn out the front.

2. I'm still adjusting to having a warm house, it's wonderful. Before we just had a gas heater and the house was constantly freezing. Now the whole house is warm and I'm loving it. As much as I love winter, I do not love being cold all the time.

3. Recently there have been a lot of attacks on police officers, it's disgusting. There should be mandatory sentencing for anyone who attacks a police officer, they should get a minimum of five years in jail, more for a serious attack. 

4. I've decided that using a bullet journal for my daily appointments just isn't working for me. I'll use the bullet journal for note taking, blog posts and a record of the things we've done and a regular diary for all my appointments.

5. I got my hair cut on Friday and I'm loving it. I've gone from bra length hair to just below my collarbone. It's so much easier. 

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