Friday, 21 July 2017

FFS Friday - Saga

You know when things go spectacularly wrong? Happens to us a lot. Last week was the perfect example.

The lounge suite in our living room has been falling apart for ages. It's bonded leather that's peeling so we constantly have flakes all over the floor, despite having a cover on it. Whist we have a little bit of spare money we decided to buy a new lounge suite. Tiger searched obsessively for weeks and finally found one we wanted to buy. He arranged for a courier to pick it up then two days before he was due to pick it up the owner sold it to someone else. Great.

He started searching again, found another one (that was more expensive, naturally) and arranged for it to be picked up by the courier. We put the money to pay for the lounge into the courier's account and got busy preparing for the new couch to arrive. We cleaned the lounge room, moved our other couch from the theatre room to the lounge room, cleaned the theatre room etc. 

The courier was due to pick up the new lounge suite at 1pm. At 1.30pm we got a phone call from the owners asking where the courier was. We called him and he didn't answer. Over the next few hours we called him at least five times and left messages, he didn't reply. I called him from my phone and we called him from a private number, he didn't answer. 

By 4pm we were starting to think he'd done a runner with our money. Tiger was furious, the owners of the lounge suite wanted to know what was going on and we had no idea. I sent him a message saying that if he didn't respond within an hour we'd be starting legal action. 

About half an hour later we got a message from his wife. He'd had a medical emergency and was unconscious. She wasn't sure when or if he'd regain consciousness. She didn't have access to his business accounts and couldn't get them from him until he regained consciousness. 

The owners of the lounge suite agreed to hold it for us until we could get our money back and arrange to have it picked up.The couriers wife told us that she'd get our money back to us but it wasn't her first priority (naturally).

We messaged her the next day and she told us that he was conscious and she'd get the bank details from him when she got to the hospital. By lunch time we still had heard nothing. Tiger was getting more and more worried. I wasn't overly worried because they have a registered business and I'd found their home address so I knew we'd get our money back eventually, even if we had to go through the court system. 

At 2.20pm I got a phone call from the courier. I'd left a message for him the day before pretending I had a job I wanted him to do. He told me that he'd been out of the state so hadn't been able to return my call. Tiger called him immediately and he didn't answer the phone. 

By this time Tiger was irate. He sent him a message saying that if he didn't return our money he'd commence legal action. The courier told us he'd give his wife the banking details and she'd return our money after school pick up. By 8.30pm we still hadn't had any proof that our money had been returned and Tiger was ready to get into the car and drive to his house.

Finally at 9pm we got proof that they'd transferred our money to us. 

What a saga. 

You'd think it ends there wouldn't you? 

No such luck. 

Tiger arranged for another company to deliver the lounge suite to us, then Friday night he decided he didn't want the lounge suite any more. I kid you not! All that fuss and then he changes his mind! Unbelievable!

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