Monday, 24 July 2017

Grants Toothpaste


Since I had the boys I've been on the hunt for an effective natural toothpaste. There are a lot around but most of them are quite expensive. I've always bought natural toothpaste for the boys but haven't found one that I liked for Tiger and I. The Lush ones are good but I don't really like the flavours, I like the traditional mint toothpaste and the Lush flavours are just strange. 

A few months ago Nourished Life had an offer and I received a free Grant's Blueberry toothpaste with my order. The boys loved it, I had to hide it because Eljay ate it like it was food. When I was ordering them some more, I discovered that Grant's have a range of natural, cheap toothpastes, bonus!

We are now a Grant's toothpaste family, it's the only toothpaste we use. Tiger loves the Cinnamon Zest flavour (it's surprisingly nice), the boys love Blueberry Burst and I use either Fresh Mint or Xylitol with Mild Mint. 

The kids toothpaste costs $3.95 for a 75 gram tube and the adults toothpaste costs $4.20 for a 110 gram tube. 

I purchase my Grant's Toothpaste from Nourished Life or The Natural Supply Co. Coles stock the Fresh Mint but none of the other flavours. A stockist list can be found on the Grant's website

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