Friday, 14 July 2017

FFS Friday

Well would look at this. I have nothing to whinge about. How did that happen? I could tell you that we've all been sick the whole school holidays and Chai now has a horrible teenager attitude but I can't be bothered so instead I'll subject you to some of my random thoughts on minimalism.

Whilst I really like a lot of the principles of minimalism I do also think that there is space for some "wants". My Mum was always frugal with money. She didn't buy anything that we didn't need, she was careful with her spending and bought things on sale where possible. On the very rare occasion that I'd ask her to buy me something her first question to me was always "Do you need it?"

When I was around 11 we were on holiday. I was feeling very vulnerable and desperately wanted a soft toy to cuddle to help me feel better. I found a tiny teddy bear in the supermarket and asked Mum if I could have it because I wanted something to cuddle. Of course Mum asked if I needed it. Saying no was one of the hardest things I've ever done because I desperately needed something to bring me comfort. 

Looking back I should have just said yes. Even then I doubt that Mum would have bought it for me. But, it's this story that makes me realise that even living a minimalist life there has to be room for wants. Sometimes wants are important and that's perfectly ok. 

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