Friday, 28 July 2017

FFS Friday - Saga volume two

Those of you who were following along with the lounge suite saga from last week might like to know how it ended.

Friday evening there was no trace of our money. Tiger spoke to our bank and they said it would probably take two days. Sunday Tiger started getting a little bit concerned, but since we'd seen their internet banking receipt I was pretty sure it'd be okay.

Monday we still had no money. Tiger went it to the bank and they said it'd probably be there Tuesday. It was finally in our bank Tuesday morning.

After all that obsessive searching, Tiger decided he didn't want a second hand lounge. Can you believe it? Those poor people had been holding on to the lounge suite for us and he decides he doesn't want it!

So after weeks of searching and all that drama, he decides he wants to buy a new lounge suite. By this time I was over the whole thing and definitely not interested in traipsing around the shops with the kids in tow, looking for a lounge suite.

Saturday we went shopping. We found one we liked in the first shop, it was on sale and ideal for what we needed. I wanted to layby it straight away but Tiger wanted to shop around. I refused. I told him he could look at one other shop and that's it.

We went to Harvey Norman, didn't find any that we liked so went back and put the first one we'd seen on layby.

We won't get it until the middle of next month so meanwhile our theatre room is empty, hahahaha.

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