Monday, 17 July 2017

The Super Elixir by Welle Co

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Pre kids and Crohn's I always had plenty of energy. As long as I got eight hours of sleep a night I was good to go and woke up each day full of beans. After Crohn's and then having Chai I've turned in to one of those people who are always tired. I don't remember what it's like to wake up feeling rested and full of energy. I start each day feeling exhausted and wanting to go back to sleep. 

I've tried all sorts of things to fix it. I've been to five different naturopaths, tried exercise, acupuncture, all sorts of multi vitamins, diet changes etc but nothing worked. I'd resigned myself to living like that when I found The Super Elixir. I looked at it for months before I eventually bought it, mainly because it's so expensive, a 300 gram packet costs $85. I also have to be very careful with the supplements that I take due to my Crohn's. 

About four weeks ago my package arrived and I started taking The Super Elixir daily. I have it in the morning after my coffee and before I run out the door. At first I didn't notice any difference but then one day I forgot to take it and realised what a difference it was making. The day I forgot to take it I was ready to climb back into bed by lunchtime. It was then that I realised I'd been waking up feeling rested and hadn't been struggling to get through the day. 

Unlike other greens supplements I've tried, The Super Elixir tastes nice, it has a pleasant lemon flavour. It's also dairy and gluten free which is a bonus for people with allergies. 

I purchase the 300 gram refill pouch. I haven't purchased the caddy, paying $55 for a glass container seems pretty crazy to me, especially when you can purchase the refill pouch and just leave the product in the pouch. Plus, the caddy is quite big so would take up a lot more space than the pouch does.  

Now that I know that Super Elixir works I'll buy the Season Saver as it's great value for money. Luckily they have Afterpay so I'm not forking out $195 in one hit.

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