Sunday, 16 July 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. I've been using The Super Elixir by Welle Co for three weeks now. It's amazing. I've finally found something that helps my energy levels! 
Since I had Chai I've struggled with my energy levels. Six years of broken sleep means that I'm always tired and lacking energy. I've tried all sorts of supplements but nothing worked for me until I found The Super Elixir. At $85 for 300 grams it's expensive, but worth every cent. Since I started taking it the only low energy days I've had were the two days that I forgot to take it. I have a full blog post coming tomorrow, but in short, if you need a good energy hit, check out Welle Co.

2. This weekend Mum and my Step-Dad (SD) came down to help Tiger put in our wood heater. Our house has been so very, very cold with only a small gas heater now we have a wood heater and I'm finally warm, it's lovely. I'm hoping that we won't get sick as often now that we are warm.

3. Friday I'm chopping my hair off. It's halfway down my back at the moment and I'm getting it cut to a collarbone length lob. Can't wait. 
I haven't told Tiger. He likes my hair long. Unfortunately for him it's not his hair so he has no say in the matter.  

4. Tomorrow is the last day of school holidays. I don't want school to go back.

5. That's all I've got today.

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