Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Ozsale Order

This is one of the last packages that I'm expecting, I've only got two more on the way then I'll really start to feel Project 100 Pan. I'm very pleased that these packages have all been spaced out nicely, it's a pity I couldn't have arranged to get a package every month during P100P. Oh well. 
I was very restrained and only ordered two products during Ozsales The Balm sale. There were a few more things that I liked the look of, but I narrowed my choices down to the Meet Matt(e) palette and White Tea Rose cleanser.
There was no bubble wrap so I'm very lucky that the palette arrived intact, with just a little bit of mess, thankfully it cleaned up okay.

 In case you didn't know why you needed to use cleanser.



  1. No bubble wrap! Thats risky. Lucky it was intact. And that rose cleanser sounds really nice :)

  2. lol what does a face cleanser do? So cute xx

  3. Looks like a nice cleanser, my package arrived the other day too :)


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