Monday, 8 October 2012

P100P lipsticks

As I've mentioned before, I have two lipsticks that I'm trying to use up as part of Project 100 Pan. I'd love to finish more than two lipsticks, but if I can at least finish these two I will be happy.
The two lipsticks I've chosen are Dior Serum De Rouge in 640 and Clinique Moisture Sheer Lipstick in Sweet Violet. I've had the Clinique lipstick for years. And when I say years, I mean at least 7 years. It's definitely time to get rid of it!
Frustratingly I can't tell how much of the Dior lipstick I've used. I've been using it every day when I do my make-up first thing in the morning, so hopefully it won't take me too long.

I really like this lipstick formula, it feels very balmy, quite similar to my favourite Chantecaille Camellia lipstick. I will definitely repurchase another Serum De Rouge lipstick, I'll probably get a brighter colour next time though as I find 640 a little pale for me.
I don't think Clinique make the Moisture Sheer lipsticks anymore, which is a real shame because they are a lovely formula.

 Dior and Clinique lipsticks shown in natural light.
And with flash.


  1. Oooh! I love the Dior Rouge Serums - I have one called Radiant Pink & absolutely love them! My Dior & Chanel lippies are such good quality, it's almost too easy to use them up!! Good on you for doing a P100P... jealous of your willpower!!

  2. Love the packaging of the Dior lipstick, it looks really nice :)

  3. I find it impossible to finish up lipstick (or anything cosmetics-related, for that matter) as well! These two looks like really pretty natural everyday colours :)

  4. whoa.... not just 1 lipsticks but 2, lady i tip my hat to you!

  5. Ooh I really like this post, I might have to do one too! I'm trying to finish off some lip products too!


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