Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What I bought in October

Yes, I know I'm doing P100P, but I didn't break it!
I've run out of hand wash for my bathroom so bought the Soap and Glory Peace Hand Love kit. Whilst I was there I also got the Kit Shop lipgloss (free).
With my Chemart rewards point I got a Kora Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm. I have been wanting to try this for a while now but didn't want to pay $24.95 for it. I had over $50 worth of Chemart dollars so got it for free.
How cute is the stand that the hand wash and hand cream comes in? I don't need the hand cream, however I couldn't buy the hand wash on it's own so that's how I'm justifying this one. I'm not sure if this is new or if it's limited edition for the Christmas season. Hopefully it's not limited edition.
I've somehow managed to run out of body scrub. Normally I buy the Sportsgirl scrub but decided to get Kit's Coffee Body Scrub as I love the scent and they don't make this range anymore so it was my last chance to get it.
I also bought two cd's this month, Pink and Mumford and Sons. They are both amazing and I haven't listened to anything else since I got them.

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