Friday, 12 October 2012

FFS Friday - The idiot edition

It's Friday! Boy has this week dragged, but by some miracle we've all made it to Friday with our sanity intact. 

I didn't mention this one last week because I figured I'd complained enough.

Last Thursday I was outside the supermarket putting Chai into the car. It was pretty quiet and there were lots of spare parking spots. When I got to the car and started putting Chai in there were no other cars around. After I put him in the car, I was getting out of the back seat when a ute drove into the spot next to me, right into my open car door and forced the door backwards. FFS.

With superhuman restraint I looked at the man driving and said "You idiot!", to which he responded "I was sick of waiting". FFS.

It takes me about 90 seconds to put Chai into his seat. Considering the idiot hadn't been in sight when I got to the car, he wouldn't have been waiting for more than a minute. As there were parking spots all over the place I have no idea why he had such an urgent need to park next to me. FFS.

We then had the following conversation:
Me: You were sick of waiting? I didn't know you were there!
Idiot: I was sick of waiting.
Me: I didn't know you were there, I was putting my son in the car. You should have beeped and I would have closed the door. 
Idiot: I didn't want to beep. 
Me: Then you could have called out.
Idiot: I was sick of waiting.
Me: Yes, I'm aware of that. And now you've damaged my car.
Idiot: The door still closes.
Me: That doesn't mean it's not damaged!
Idiot: No damage done, I think we were both lucky.

I don't see anything lucky about a rude, impatient man who thinks I have eyes in my bum driving into my car! FFS.

He wouldn't give me his details, so if you recognise this man, please let me know his phone number.

I've encountered so many idiots and rude people lately that I'm starting to wonder if it's me and not them. I'm the common denominator in all these events. Perhaps I am being rude when I think I'm being polite. Or perhaps it's not reasonable to expect people to wait a minute whilst I put my child in the car, unaware that they are waiting. FFS.

Friday I got an email from Woolworths saying that some almonds I'd purchased recently were being urgently recalled as there was a risk of salmonella poisoning. FFS.

I've been eating them every day. FFS. 

Chai has had an upset belly for a few days and Saturday he did a power spew all over both of us, his feeding chair and the carpet in his bedroom. FFS.

We had to have a shower as we were covered in spew. FFS.

Even my bra and undies were soaked. FFS.

Sunday we realised that he also had diarrhea. FFS.

We found out in the funnest way, not. FFS.

Hubby was getting his breakfast when he noticed poo on the floor. FFS.

Chai had done a poo which had leaked out of his nappy, down his leg and onto the floor. FFS.

He'd been running all over the house, so I spent 15 minutes walking around the house cleaning poo off the floor. Fun. FFS.

You've missed my poo stories haven't you? FFS.

The spam I'm getting on my blog has gone crazy lately. FFS.

I'm getting at least 20 spam comments a day. FFS.

It's so annoying! FFS.

As far as I'm aware the only way to stop this to to turn captcha on, but there's no way I'm going to do that cause it's such a crap system. FFS.

BIL is still not talking to hubby. FFS.

It really upsets hubby and annoys me. It's high time BIL started acting like and adult not a teenager. FFS.

I am so tempted to call him and tell him to grow up and stop being an angry, bitter old man. FFS.

Twitter is not working properly on my new phone. FFS.

I can't see all of the tweets, it sends dm's when in wants to (which is not very often) and it doesn't tell me when anyone has tweeted me. FFS. (First world problems, I know.)

We are putting our house on the market this weekend, so have spent the last two weeks getting the house ready for sale. FFS.

Wednesday hubby decided that we needed to add lattice to our fence. FFS.

Wednesday night we were painting the stupid fence till 10pm. FFS.

I've spent the last two weeks cleaning the house and am so exhausted I can barely drag myself through the day. FFS.

Thankfully we all all done now.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Dear Baby G


  1. I have my comments set to moderate, so that none go live before I approve them. No captcha required-better for all :)
    You should call the police about that number plate, he might be dangerous if he has that attitude when there are kids in carparks! What a rude man

  2. I don't recognise that loser, but oh my vodka gods - how lucky he is that he got you and not me!

    Your only problem is that you are far too restrained and polite. I would've gone postal on him.

    I do hope you know a police officer who has access to vehicle registration records. They could surely find out who the moron is.

    I'm wishing him karmic come uppance to the tune of a nasty STD that he can't explain away or recover from. Bastard. FFS.

  3. It's not you, people just seem to have this rude sense of entitlement these days that doesn't let them see anything past themselves. I'm glad you got this bonehead's photo though - what a jerk!

  4. Like Parental Parody, he is so lucky it wasn't me. Did you take photos of your damage too? Maybe you are able to send the number plate to your insurance company so they can track him down. He sounds like a douche!

  5. Wtf. Rude driver. That is just so rude. I am petite but i get really angry i would have gone off so bad @**#&@/*#*&**@ poor thing about the runny poos :( i hope your weekend will be better. xoxox

  6. Oh my god look at all the other psrking spots!! Dickhead of the highest level!! Hope your house selling goes well!!

  7. I feel your pain on the poo and spew front, as for the man in the parking lot, words fail me.

  8. Horrifically spiteful but call the EPA (or whatever the WA equivalent is) and report him for a bad exhaust or throwing a cigarette butt out. Mega hassle and you need a stat dec etc to say it wasn't you, or a vehicle check to confirm your vehicle is OK.

    Not sure what the WA law is but in Victoria police no longer have any involvement with non injury collisions. Think you'd probably struggle with the cops on this one...

  9. If the idiot damaged your vehicle, and you have his vehicle registration, report the incident to the police including the fact that he damaged your vehicle and refused to exchange details ~ it's comparable to a hit-and-run.

    Ditto for making an insurance claim to have it repaired even if the damage is less than your excess ~ With most insurance companies, you don't pay an excess (or you get it refunded) if someone else is at fault. The insurance companies are remarkably enthusiastic at chasing people like him.

  10. What a horrible, nasty person! I feel for you reading this story, especially with a child in the car. Some people shouldn't be allowed near others, let alone driving around with the potential to damage property and people!

  11. What a FFS Friday! Also, that guy in the carpark was a fucking asshole. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!

  12. Oh my God! You are having the roughest time lately. It's not you, it's them. What an utter BASTARD!! I would be reporting him to the police. I hope your house sells soon and you consider moving to the hills :)


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