Monday, 1 October 2012

Project 100 Pan Update 1

I'm sure the first month of a Project Pan is the hardest in terms of not shopping, but the easiest in terms of using things up. Amazingly I'm off to a flying start with 14 empties. It's also been a bit easier thanks to the shopping I did just before I started P100P which meant I got some exciting packages this month. 

Having only recently finished P50P I know that I'm in for a much tougher time with P100P because I've already gone through my collection and used up all the half finished products. I've been working on finishing my perfume sample vials and have finally finished them all so now I'm onto the little travel sized perfumes. I'm also working my way through all the skin care samples and travel sizes that I have. I used to save these for when I go away, but as I rarely go away now I decided it's time I used them up. Plus, the more things I can finish the less that I have to move when we relocate in a few months time.

I've managed to finish quite a few products this month which I'm very happy with.  

1 - The Body Shop Earth Lovers Apricot and Basil shower gel
2 - Earths Botanics Cucumber and Mint bath and shower gel
3 - Jonathan Add Moisture Shampoo
4 - Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes
5 - LAC Taut Collagen Infusion Mask
6 - Clinique Sparkle Skin body exfoliating cream
7 - Buddha Balm Burnt Sugar Fig lip balm
8 - Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara
9 - Rimmel Recover Illuminating foundation
10 - Qsilica Remove cleansing gel
11 - You, Me and Everybody Sumptuous Skin Mousse
12 - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream moisturiser
13 - Face Of Australia Face Base Primer
14 - Ten samples


  1. Oh doing well! I need to be on my way with p100p or a milder version soon im guessing..

  2. Congrats Anissa! You're doing such a good job!

  3. fantastic start sweets. Very impressed.

  4. Thanks everyonoe! It's such a relief to off to a good start, let's hope I can keep it up!

  5. Hey Anissa what's the skin mousse like? I've got that from the bella box but haven't touched it yet - find the concept a bit odd?!

    Great effort on the empties by the way though! How satisfying is it?!

    1. The skin mousse is strange. I found the scent quite chemically and applying a mousse to my body was bizarre. It was quite moisturising though, but I don't think I'd buy it.

    2. I guess being a mousse there's got to be alcohol of some sorts to aerate it (or something!) hence the chemically smell! I guess at least it's not a massive container so hopefully it won't take long for me to use up!

  6. 14 empties in your first month is fantastic! Good idea doing the last minute buying too. BTW my beauty bank's still slowly growing for each day I don't buy - I haven't had to take any money back out yet!

  7. Off to a flyyyiiinnnnggg start! Watch you go!!


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