Monday, 5 July 2021

April Empties

Now that April was three months ago, it's high time I posted about my empties. I have a huge pile of products to talk about this month so lets get started. Also, since I'm a few months late there will be a May and June empties post coming soon too.
Drunk Elephant Pekee and Juju Bars
I've had these sitting in my cupboard for ages. Whilst I love the idea of a plastic free cleanser, the reality isn't so great. If it was just me and Tiger who used our bathroom there wouldn't be a problem, but since the boys also use our bathroom water gets everywhere so keeping the bars dry between uses is really difficult.
Aside from that, I quite liked both these bars. One has little exfoliating particles in it so is really good for removing make-up and the other one is a gentle morning cleanser. 
Youth to the People Superfood Air Whip Moisture Cream
 With the name Air Whip I was expecting a very light, fluffy moisturiser. This is not a light fluffy moisturiser. It's lovely and hydrating, I'd happily repurchase it again. My winter dry skin really enjoyed it. 

Dearest Lips Balms
My love for Dearest Lips balms knows no end. These tubes ended up in my compost, isn't that great! They're a gorgeous, hydrating formula and fully compostible. Dearest Lips balms will be a constant repurchase.
Olay Regenerist Whip Face Moisturiser
You know those products that do the job but you don't love them? Olay Whip falls into that category. It does the trick but it's not spectacular.
Truri Beauty HVC Serum
If I hadn't been sent the gorgeous HVC serum to review I wouldn't have known how amazing it is. I loved what this did for my skin and as soon as funds allow I'll be purchasing a bottle. One bottle lasts at least six months with daily use which means it's very reasonably priced. I loved that I could use this serum no matter how irritated my skin got. I used it after derma rolling and when I had allergy rashes without any irritation. 
Embryolisse Lait Cream Confort and Gloss
I can see why this is such a cult product. I use it as a cleanser, moisturiser and primer. You wouldn't think one product could be good for all those things, but it really is. Next time I'm going to get a larger tube so that it lasts longer. 
I didn't particularly like the gloss, it was quite gloopy and didn't taste very good, so I wouldn't get the one with a gloss on it again. 
La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen
I don't need to say anything about this, it's my holy grail sunscreen and I'm sure you all know that. 
Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser
Whenever a product has balancing in the name I assume it's going to be too harsh for me, so I was very surprised at how much I loved this cleanser. It didn't irritate my skin or eyes and did a great job of removing my makeup. I'd happily repurchase. 
BotaniLIFT by Skinn  
This is another lovely product I wouldn't have tried if it hadn't been sent to me. 
I loved what this did to my skin, it felt firmer and looked healthier after only a few uses. I need to get another bottle.

MooGoo Natural Full Cream Moisturiser
Chai uses this on his rashes and it works so well. It's one of the few creams that doesn't irritate when his rashes are really inflamed. 
Kosas Sport Chemistry Deodorant 
When I first got this I really liked it. I love the roller ball and how easy it is to use. By the time I was getting to the end of the tube I found it wasn't as effective, which is strange because the weather is cooler so I was sweating less. It's not one that I'll repurchase anytime in the near future. 
L'Occitane Herbae Perfume 
It's true love. If I had to pick a top ten favourites list Herbae would be on it. The scent is fresh, green and gorgeous. I really want a full sized bottle. 
Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
It's no secret how much I love my bum bum cream, purely because it smells amazing. Thankfully I have the body spray now so I can still get my scent fix.

Cremorlab Aqua Tank Water-full Mask
Whilst I enjoyed them they aren't my favourite Cremorlab masks. I prefer the Marine Hyaluronic Revital Masks.
Wrinkles Schminkles Facial Sheet Mask
I can't remember what I thought of this so clearly it wasn't amazing. 
Chest Pad
After using Wrinkles Schminkles for years, I purchased some silicone chest pads from ebay and I'll never go back. I got five pads for $25. 1 Wrinkles Schminkles pad costs $42.
The ebay pads last me 4 weeks, which is the same as the Wrinkles Schminkle pad.
Quality wise Wrinkles Schminkles is a lot better made. The edges are lower so they don't catch on anything and the pads feel a lot sturdier. 
Performance wise they're exactly the same.  
I'll be sticking with my ebay pads from now on.

Organic Care Kids 3in1 Popcorn Shampoo and Body Wash 
We all love our popcorn shower gel. I buy a few bottles with every Chemist Warehouse order. It smells like caramel.
BX Earth Bit of a Soft Touch Shower Gel
BX Earth and Organic Care are the only two shower gels the boys use. They're both natural, gentle and reasonably priced. This is another product I get with every Chemist Warehouse order. 
The Body Shop Winter Jasmine Shower Gel
I received this as part of a secret santa exchange and it was lovely. I love floral scents, especially Jasmine. TBS shower gels are gorgeous, I always have one in my shower. 
Dr Bronners 18 in 1 Hemp Earl Grey Pure Castille Soap
I didn't like this as much as I thought I would, the scent wasn't what I expected. Having said that, I still used it up. Dr Bronners soaps are lovely, I'm using the Cherry Blossom one now.

Hask Argan Oil Conditioner
I liked this but it wasn't amazing so I wouldn't rush out to repurchase. 

Batiste Hairspray
It's hairspray, not much else to say.

Herbal Essences Moroccan Conditioner
I used this to delouse our hair. Nits are the worst. The boys liked this one because it smlls nice.

OGX Orchid Oil Conditioner
Chai used this in his hair and loved it. It made his hair feel very soft and smell lovely. 

Natures Organics Blueberry and Coconut Conditioner
Out of all the conditioners we use to get rid of nits, this range is my favourite because the scents are lovely.

Now for the tosses.
The Ultra Violette, Bobbi Brown, Girligo and Burt's Bees BB Cream are all expired.

The Glam Glow masks didn't work for me. 
The MCo Brow set and Blossom Scented lip gloss were both awful.

Watch out for my May empties coming in a few days.

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