Friday, 16 July 2021

FFS Friday - Dark

Hello beautiful people! How are you all? I hope you've had a good week. 
You know what I've realised lately? Most of us are struggling. Not just a little bit, a lot. We're all just barely keeping our heads above water. 
The last few years have been challenging for the whole world. We all need a group hug.
This is the last week of the school holidays here in WA. It's been a trying few weeks because the we've had wonderful wet, windy winter weather which I love but it's not great for Chai. He doesn't cope well with being stuck inside, he needs to run. 
I've got us out of the house as often as possible, but it hasn't been enough so we've all suffered. When Chai isn't happy the whole family isn't happy. 
I really can't be bothered complaining about that though. It's tough but that's just the way it is.
Poor Melbourne and Sydney are in lockdown again. I think these constant lockdowns are going to cause a huge surge in mental health issues. Being alone, isolated and scared isn't good for anyone. Not being able to see friends and family is really difficult. 
With everyone struggling, we need to reduce our expectations. We seem to think that everyone else is doing okay, but they truly aren't. Just because people don't talk about things doesn't mean they aren't struggling. If you think about it, in your average conversation with people they really don't have the time to tell you what's really going on. Those conversations take time.
It's not that we're being dishonest, it's just that when you've only got a few minutes to chat you can't get into the real stuff. 
I'm treating everyone as if they're struggling, lowering my expectations and trying to be gentle with myself and everyone else.  
I hope you are all doing as well as you possibly can. If things are tough, I hope there are a few glimmers of light in your day. 

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