Sunday, 18 July 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. Throughout Covid I've been happy with how our premier has handled things but his latest move seems grossly unfair. He's closed the boarder to NSW which is fine, but any WA residents in NSW can only return home if they have extenuating circumstances. Not allowing people to come home just isn't right.
2. I really feel for everyone who is stuck overseas and in NSW and unable to come home.
3. I ordered the Gummy Bear flavour of the Laneige Glossy Lip Balm and can't wait for it to arrive.
4. Speaking of that, Sephora now have free shipping for orders $25 and over.
5. I've finally got myself a Bosu ball. I've been looking for one for months now and one finally came up on Facebook Marketplace. I should have known that the boys would immediately claim it as a play toy, haha.

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