Friday, 30 July 2021

FFS Friday - The knowing

Every Friday Tiger has a short day so he picks the boys up from school.
Last Friday as I was saying goodbye to Eljay I reminded him that Daddy would pick him up from school. As I said it I thought "he won't be picking them up this afternoon" but I ignored that thought.
Tiger normally calls me when he finishes work. Last Friday he didn't. I was going to call him to make sure that he was picking them up, but again, I didn't follow my instincts so didn't call.   

Just after 3pm he called me. The first thing I said was "How are my boys?"
"I'm good thanks, how are you?"
"I'm fine, how are my boys?"
"What boys?"
"Our boys!"
"Oh fuck!"

Yep, Tiger forgot to pick the kids up from school. 
I was at home, 20 minutes away.

Tiger immediately went into a panic and wouldn't get off the phone so I told him to get off the phone so I could sort it out. I called the school as I was racing to put shoes on and got into the car.
Tiger rang me a few minutes later still in panic mode, trying to tell me what to do. FFS.
I was already on the way to school by then, I'd spoken to the school and knew that the boys would be safe. 

Still in panic mode, Tiger called and spoke to the boys, but instead of telling them the truth he told them he'd been held up at work. He didn't tell me that he'd lied, so when I got to school I told them the truth.

Thankfully the boys weren't too upset. Eljay was more upset than Chai, but I've promised them that it'll never happen again. 

I was really proud of how they handled it. Eljay waited outside his classroom until Chai got there, then together they went to the carpark. When Chai saw that Tiger's car wasn't there they both went in to the office. 

We've never discussed what to do if there's no-one there to pick them up (because I never thought it'd happen), so I'm really pleased they knew what to do. 

What I don't understand is how on earth Tiger managed to forget them? How is that possible? 
I think about them constantly. Maybe it's me and not him. Maybe other people don't constantly think about their kids? Who knows? I certainly don't. 

That was our excitement for last week. Tiger will never live it down.

Happy Friday beautiful people.

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