Sunday, 26 July 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. I've been so uninspired with my Instagram lately, I just can't find the motivation to post. It's the captions I struggle with, it'd be so much easier if I could just post a photo without having to think of something to say about it. I just want to post pretty pictures.

2. I have a few strands of grey hair now, which is perfectly okay. Society would have me believe that I need to hide the greys and try to minimise all other signs of ageing. 
I refuse. 
I will not feel bad about ageing. I will not hide the perfectly normal signs of my age. I will not hide my grey hair. If I dye my hair it'll be because I want to change the colour, not because I want to hide the grey. 
Growing older is a privilege, not something to be ashamed of. 

I will not give in to society's attempts to make me feel bad about myself or my body. We are all beautiful just the way we are. 

I refuse to bow down to societies unrealistic beauty standards.

3. Mecca beauty loop boxes were released this week. Who placed an order? I was underwhelmed with my box.

4.The BIL will be here in the next few days.

5. Send help. And chocolate. And coffee. And books, candles, lip balm and anything else you think might help.  

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