Friday, 31 July 2020

FFS Friday - Speaking in tounges

Hello beautiful people. How are you all? I have no idea what to complain about today. How is that possible? I'm normally awash with complaints. I must be ill. 
I've had no more cooking disasters this week so I can't amuse you with those stories. 

It appears that Tiger and I are now talking a different language. I just don't understand him.

Here's the perfect example. This is a conversation we had earlier in the week.

Tiger: I might have got a bbq for $150.
Glossy: Awesome.
Tiger: It's just like ours so I can use their hotplate and put it on ours.
Glossy: If that's all you're buying it for why don't you just get a new hotplate for ours?
Tiger: Because I want a new bbq.
Glossy: I understand that, but if you're only buying the bbq to get the hot plate, wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy a hotplate?
Tiger: (speaking patiently like I'm an idiot) No, because I want a new bbq.
Glossy: Yes, but you're talking about buying a bbq just for the hotplate, why wouldn't you just buy a new hotplate?
Tiger: Because I want a new bbq!
Glossy: But are you going to use the new one or just take the hotplate?
Tiger: I'm going to take the hotplate.
Glossy: Exactly, so why not just buy a hotplate?
Tiger: Because I want a new bbq!
Glossy: But you're not getting a new bbq, you're just buying it for the hotplate.
Tiger: I want a new bbq!
Glossy: Don't worry about it, you clearly don't understand me.
Tiger: No, you're not understanding me.
Glossy: Exactly. 

Can someone please explain what I missed? I still don't understand.

The same thing has happened a few times this week. Maybe I'm suddenly talking another language? Either that or I've finally gone totally crazy. 

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