Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Baagi Milagiin ~ Grandmothers Spirit Lip Balm

One thing I'm constantly searching on Instagram is lip balms. I love finding new balms to try from small, Aussie businesses.

I discovered Baagi Milagiin Grandmothers Spirit on Instagram recently and Deb kindly sent me one of her balms to try.

In short, it's love. Instant love. It's so great when you open a new product and love it straight away.

Baagi Milagiin ~ Grandmothers Spirit is an Aboriginal therapeutic bush beauty range made using native Australian plant based ingredients. Their products are all natural and hand made.

So what makes me love this balm? 
It has a very subtle honey scent. When I say subtle, I really do mean subtle, the boys can't detect any fragrance at all.
It glides onto my lips and feels instantly soothing. 
The packaging is really pretty, you have the choice of a black or white tube.
Two layers give a lovely glossy shine. 
After using this product all day my lips felt soft and hydrated. 
Being all natural I'm happy for the boys to use it (they keep on pinching it).

You can buy a large 30 gram pot for $30 or a 5 gram tube for $6.
Baagi Milagiin ~ Grandmothers Spirit products can be purchased from their website

I also received a sample of the pink clay mask, it's the best clay mask I've ever used.

Note: This product was provided to me with no obligation to review (Deb doesn't even know I'm writing this post).

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