Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil Infused Lip Tint

Remember years ago when oil was the enemy and everything oil free was great? Now it's the opposite and oil is everywhere. Personally I've always been a fan of using oils, they're great for sensitive and dry skins. Around twenty years ago I used a Jurlique oil as a face cleanser which the Jurlique staff thought was crazy. Clearly I was a genius and before my time, haha. Now everyone else has caught up and oil's in everything, even lip gloss!

I'm a huge fan of Bobbi Brown lip products, especially the Crushed range. Every Crushed lip product I own is perfection. Knowing that, I had high hopes for the new Crushed Oil Infused Lip Tints and I wasn't disappointed. It's the perfect balm/gloss blend and I'm in love. 

I received four of the fourteen shades available. The colours I have are: 
Freestyle - Warm coral.
New Romantic - A mlbb cool toned pink.
Rock and Red - Deep, cool toned blue red.
Free Spirit - Warm, beige pink.

These glosses have lots of good points and one bad point. I'll start with the good. 

They're just beautiful. They have the feel of a lip balm with a gorgeous sheer glossy finish. The darker shades are more opaque than the lighter shades. Personally I prefer the lighter shades, they give a gorgeous, natural glossy finish.

The colour is opaque enough to show up on my lips but not so much that I have to be careful with application. I can apply the lighter shades without having to look in the mirror.

New Romantic is my favourite out of the four shades I tried. It's the perfect every day cool toned pink. I often wear mine in place of lip balm. It's fragrance free and lasts around three hours before I need to reapply. When it wears off my lips feel soft and hydrated.

Now for the one thing I don't like. The darker shades are very opaque, which really doesn't work well with a lip gloss as  they require careful application and can slip around a bit, which means I end up with colour where I don't want it.

At $40 for 6ml Oil Infused Lip Tints are a great price. The doe foot sponge applicator is soft and long enough that it applies the perfect amount of colour with one swipe. 

Have you tried the new Oil Infused Lip Tints? What's your favourite shade?

Note: These products were provided to me for review.

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