Friday, 15 May 2020

FFS Friday - Nice

Hello beautiful people. How are you all? I hope you've had a good week.

I've been totally unmotivated this week. I haven't blogged, I haven't wanted to home school, I haven't wanted to anything. Other than home schooling I haven't done much at all. 
I figure when I feel like I cbf that's a good time to take a rest and do a whole lot of nothing. When you think about it, what most of us call a whole lot of nothing is probably still a lot. 

For example. I say I've done nothing this week. My "nothing" includes five loads of washing, four days of home schooling, loading and unloading the dishwasher at least once a day, food shopping, getting a massage, taking the boys out to buy winter shoes, going to the physio, daily ankle rehab, preparing about two million meals for the boys etc.

The constant pressure to achieve and be productive is exhausting, unrealistic and just not fun. I am trying my best to ease the pressure and not worry about being productive. Taking that pressure off is a form of self care. We all need rest and it's okay to be unproductive. 

Those of you who've been here for a while might remember that I went on strike last year. Well, I'm still on strike. My ankle injury helped because I couldn't do anything, so I've just decided to stick with doing nothing and it's working well for me. It's been great for Tiger having to do everything and realising how much work goes into maintaining a home.  I'm not sure Tiger would agree that my strike is working well, but he doesn't know about it and I plan to keep it that way, haha.

I'm being nice and helping out with a little bit of housework every now and again. I'll do the washing occasionally, I make dinner once every few weeks, little things like that. I'm so helpful.

Now that the majority of the housework is being done by Tiger it's given me the chance to start doing other little jobs. I cleaned and decluttered the mess on top of our drawers in our bedroom and I've started decluttering all the mess on the kitchen benches. 

For years now our house has been a real mess. With Tiger working away and not doing any housework when he was home I just couldn't keep up with things. Tiger and the boys leave mess all over the house. For a while there I was running myself ragged trying to keep everything tidy, then I grabbed a brain and stopped trying. Life got easier after that. 

I really hate mess and clutter, but I learned to deal with it. Slowly getting rid of the mess is very satisfying. I love seeing clean, uncluttered surfaces. It might take me months but I'll get there and our house will finally be uncluttered and tidy. What a wonderful day that will be. 

Have a beautiful weekend.

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