Friday, 29 May 2020

FFS Friday - Fail

I've failed as a parent. 

Eljay needs seven fillings, one of them is a crown (is that the same as a filling? I have no idea.)

HTF did this happen? What did I do wrong? Clearly I've failed as a parent if I can't even look after my childs teeth.

He has a healthy diet, doesn't drink anything other than water, brushes his teeth twice a day and yet he's got tooth decay.

The dentist told me it's quite common here because there's no fluoride in the water. That didn't make me feel any better. 

The first dentist we saw when the kids were young told us they could brush their own teeth from when they were five.
The one we saw a few weeks ago said they could brush their own teeth when they're six.
The specialist dentist we saw last week told us that they can't brush their own teeth until they are ten or until they can tie a bow with their eyes closed. 
I'm not sure I can tie a bow with my eyes closed. (Update: I can tie a bow with my eyes closed).

So. Either way, I've failed as a parent. 
The specialist dentist told us that it's normal and there's nothing we've done wrong, but really, how can that be?
My poor little baby now has to go under anaesthetic to get his teeth fixed. FFS.

The only positive about this is that the boys are now super vigilant about brushing their teeth.

I've recently realised that not everyone lays in bed at night analysing their day, thinking of ways they could have improved and how they can be a better parent. I thought everyone did this, but apparently they don't.

Tiger has never even thought about the type of parent he wants to be and ways he can improve as a parent. WTF?

Considering how important it is, shouldn't we all be trying to do the best we can? 
Maybe I'm strange? Perhaps it's because I didn't have a great childhood so I don't know how to be a good parent. 
Maybe people who had great parents just copy the way their parents did things so they don't need to constantly analyse their parenting and identify ways to improve?

Or maybe I'm just weird.

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