Sunday, 3 May 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. There's a new messenger for kids app that I've downloaded onto the boys computers. They love it! I have full control over who they have contact with and I can see everything they send and that's sent to them. It's been a brilliant way for them to keep in touch with friends and family and means they're not using my phone to video call people.

2. How great has it been seeing people again? I've mostly enjoyed staying at home but I have really, really missed being able to see people. Seeing my loved ones has been so good.

3.You know what I don't understand? Why magazines only show really expensive clothes. Surely they're out of most peoples price range, so why don't they show clothes that people can actually afford? Every time I see an outfit that I like in a magazine it's so expensive there's no way I could afford it.

4. Since Covid we've started checking in on an elderly friend every week. It's been quite lovely so I've decided that after this is over we'll continue to check in with her. I usually hesitate to visit people unannounced but she seems to enjoy it. It's on our way home from town so it's easy enough and well worth the effort. 

5. Today we went to buy a new knob for our oven. In Perth they're $16.50. We are two hours south of Perth. They wanted to charge us $25 and said that the difference was freight. FFS.
They get deliveries from Perth twice a day and I seriously doubt they'd be paying $8.50 postage per item. If the difference was a dollar or two I wouldn't mind, but $8.50 is ridiculous. Then businesses complain that we don't buy locally. How about you stop ripping us off, then we'll buy from you.

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