Wednesday, 27 May 2020

May update

Well what a month it's been. Another month of staying at home and not doing much at all.

Most things are still closed. Restaurants can have up to 20 people at one time, gyms are only open for group fitness. More stores are opening but a lot are still closed. 

We have had another quiet month. Being able to spend time with family has been nice, we've caught up with cousins, Dad, my bff and my Aunty and Uncle. I really enjoy the quality time.

Tiger and I have also decided where we want to go next. We've been tossing up between moving in to town and moving somewhere with more land. We've now decided we want to have space and trees around us so will move to a larger block sometime in the future. 

My ankle is getting there. I'm nearly done with physio and will see a chiro soon. The physio works on flexibility and strength, the chiro will work on functionality.

That's about all we've been up to.

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