Friday, 22 May 2020

FFS Friday - Shapes

All the commentary about Adele's weight loss really concern me. No-one knows why she lost weight, for all we know she could be seriously ill and people are saying she looks amazing.

I also don't like what it infers. Are they saying she wasn't beautiful before? She was. Beauty isn't a size thing, people of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Our obsession with thinness is really worrying.

When my Crohn's was bad I lost so much weight that I was medically anorexic. I looked awful. I lost 13kg's in the space of a month, six of those kg's I lost in three days. It wasn't good.

I struggled to put weight back on. When I returned to work three months after my diagnosis I'd managed to put 6kg's back on and was severely underweight. On my first day back at work I walked in the door and the first person I saw complimented me on how amazing I looked (I didn't, I looked like death warmed up). She then went on to say that she wished she could get Crohn's disease so she could lose weight too. FFS.
As if that wasn't bad enough she also told me that she'd had a friend who'd died because of their Crohn's. 
What a lovely way to be welcomed back to work. FFS.

How sad is society when we'd wish a serious illness upon ourselves so that we can lose weight?

I feel like the commentary about Adele's weight is really dangerous. Unless she comes out and says that she deliberately lost weight, we really shouldn't be commenting on it and we definitely shouldn't be saying that she looks better now.

I'll say it again. Beauty is not dependant on size. People of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. Weight loss does not make someone more attractive. 

Our obsession with weight and body shape is so unhealthy.

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