Friday, 1 May 2020

FFS Friday - Alaska

Well. What a week it's been! I've struggled this week. There haven't been any specific issues, it's just been tough.

We're lucky that restrictions have been eased a little and we're now allowed to have gatherings of up to ten people. Our get togethers are usually less than that so it works well for us. We saw my bff on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, it was lovely. 

The weather is starting to cool down so we've had the fire going. I love winter. 

I'm still done with home schooling Chai. He makes it so awful, I just can't do it any more. Thursday I had a go at teaching him and was ready to cry after fifteen minutes.

Trying to deal with Centrelink is extremely frustrating. They've told us what our payments will be, however mine is $80 less than Tigers and I have no idea why. Perhaps it's the gender pay gap?
My online access doesn't work properly and I can't get through to them on the phone. I go through a long process, tell the computer that I need to talk to someone about my payment rate then it says "All our operators are busy, please call back later." 
So frustrating!!!!!

All in all, I have nothing to complain about. Minor, first world problems. We're safe, we have food and a house to live in so I really can't complain.

Does anyone else think that they'll be a hoarder after this is over? I think I'll make sure I always have plenty of rice, pasta, hand sanitiser, tissues, hand soap and toilet tissue. I've always just assumed that what I need will be readily available, it's quite scary realising that's not necessarily true.

What have you all been watching on Netflix? I just finished watching Win the Wilderness, it was really interesting. I want to move to Alaska now!

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