Tuesday, 20 August 2019

PR Products I've repurchased

You know when you see certain brands and products all over Instagram, YouTube and blogs then all of a sudden they're gone and you never hear about them again? I always wonder if the products are as amazing as people claim they are. If they really were, wouldn't you continue to hear about them?  

Seeing the same products all over your feed/blogroll is a perfect indication that they're being sent out as PR, even if it wasn't disclosed. 

Having said that, back when I was getting quite a few PR packages, trying to get through them was overwhelming so I never had the chance to repurchase things I loved because I always had a backlog of new products to try.

Today I thought I'd show you some products and brands that I continue to use years after receiving them as PR. Funnily enough all of these are Australian Brands.

I love all of these brands and use more than one product from each of them.

These products are amazing for my skin. I am never without the Even Blend Serum and Vitamin C Powder. Together they're miracle workers. I've tried using them separately however I find them much more effective when used together. 
Other products I like from the range are the Glycolic Scrub and L-Lactic Cleanser.

McArthur Natural Products
When my skin is irritated I turn to McArthur. Their eczema cream is a lifesaver for irritated skin. I'm never without the Complete Skincare Cream, it's an all over product that's great for travel because I can use it as a face and body moisturiser and on the boys. 

There are so many products I love from Botani. I've been using the Olive Skin Serum and Radiant Rose Mask for years. The Olive Skin Serum is one of the first facial oils that I used. It's light, absorbs quickly and is super hydrating.
I've recently discovered the Acai Berry Antioxidant Serum and Olive Repair Cream and will be repurchasing them soon. The Olive Repair Cream is heaven for dry, sensitive skin.

Simplicite is another great Australian brand that doesn't get enough exposure. 
I use the Sage Face Oil, Hydrating Floral Toning Lotion and Great Outdoors Moisturiser. They're all beautiful products that are gentle on my skin. 
I desperately want to try the Angelica Lip Care Balm but whenever I've gone to buy it it's been out of stock.

The Jojoba Company
I've used The Jojoba Company products for years now and they don't disappoint. They've recently come out with some new products that I really want to try. 
The two products that I always have in my collection are the Australian Jojoba and Ultimate Serum.  
My pick from the range is the Ultimate Serum as it makes a noticeable difference to my skin. Whenever I stop using it my skin is dull, patchy and rough, as soon as I put it back into my routine my skin is happy again. 

Subtle Energies
Oh how I love these beautiful products. I wish that their Facial Blend came as a perfume, the scent is gorgeous, it's instantly calming. 
If they were a little cheaper I'd have more Subtle Energies products in my life. I love everything I've tried from the range, everything is beautiful. If I could only pick one product it'd be the Facial Blend because of the heavenly scent. 
The Gentle Neem Daily Cleansing Gel and Mogra Rejuvenating Gold Moisturiser are two other products that I love from the range. 

What products do you repurchase?

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