Sunday, 21 April 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. I received my first order from Lila Beauty this week. It's great to find businesses that are a pleasure to deal with. I ordered the new Laneige lip gloss.

2. This week it was revealed that a celebrities child is transgender. The fact that this has been all over the media infuriates me, we're talking about a child here! It's no-ones business what sex this child identifies as. It's not a big deal for the celebrity so it shouldn't be a big deal for anyone else.

3. I hope you're all having a beautiful Easter.

4. When we were on holiday last year I discovered Poke bowls. They're so good!

5. This weekend has been very cool so we've had our first fire of the year. I love having the fire going. Just need to make soup and I'll be set.

6. Napoleon is buy one get one free at Priceline this weekend. With an offer like that they mustn't selling very well. Can't say I'm surprised. 

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