Friday, 26 April 2019

FFS Friday - I'm on strike

I have an announcement to make.
I'm bored.

I'm over going to the park, playing with the kids, doing housework, cooking, cleaning, going to the park again, trying to get the kids to learn the things the government thinks they need to, washing, cleaning up dog poo and all the other mundane things I do on a daily basis.

Why do I bother? No-one appreciates it. No-one thanks me. No-one is grateful that I'm doing all this stuff.

So, a month ago I went on strike. I stopped doing most of the things. Anything that wasn't essential I stopped doing. I stopped picking the kids clothes up off the floor, I stopped tidying up the toys, I stopped putting Tigers washing away, I stopped it all. You know what happened? Nothing. Tiger only noticed this week (in all fairness he was away half of the time). I told him I'm done doing everything and I'm not doing it all. It's boring, it's not fun and I don't want to do it. Simple as that. 

Sure, the house is a mess, but it's always been a mess. I was fighting a losing battle trying to keep it tidy. If they don't care why should I? 

So if you too have had enough of doing everything, here's what I recommend. Stop. Lower your expectations, leave the house and mess and let everyone sort themselves out. It's working for me.

I'm still bored, but at least I'm not frustrated at being overworked and under appreciated. 

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