Friday, 19 April 2019

FFS Friday - Random

Happy Friday everyone! And what a great Friday it is, public holidays are the best. It's cold here so we've got the fire going. I love winter.

Can you believe it's almost the end of April? 

So. What's been annoying me this week? Chai's behaviour hasn't changed, it's been really difficult. I had Mum staying this week which made things a lot easier, but it was still tough. I've got two months to get through and we'll start to get help for him. Finally.

I want a holiday. On my own. No husband, no kids, just me and a friend or two. I've barely had any time to myself since I had Chai eight years ago. I went to a concert with a friend six years ago, Tiger and I have been out to lunch on our own about five times and I went to my bff's house one night. That's it. The rest of the time I'm with the kids. Going to the gym is good, it gives me time off, but I'm still surrounded by people. I crave alone time. Silent time with no-one in the house. 

However, that's not what I want to complain about today. 
What's with society thinking they have a right to know about someone's sexual identity?

I just don't understand. It's no-ones business but that person and their partner. No-one else has a right to know or have an opinion.

I wish the media would stop sensationalising things like this, they aren't news worthy and shouldn't be reported on at all.

Whilst I'm at it, coming out shouldn't be a thing either, unless the person wants it to be. Sexual identity is a personal, private thing and I wish it was treated as such.

Whilst I'm at my random rants, you know what else annoys me? When large Instagram accounts follow and then unfollow. This week my follower count has gone up by about 30 and none of them are genuine followers, they're mostly large accounts that will unfollow me in a few days. I want genuine followers not fake ones.

That concludes my random whines. 
What's been annoying you this week?

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