Sunday, 28 April 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. This week I've left my phone on silent and it's been wonderful. I hadn't realised how annoying it's constant beeping is. I have a smart watch so any important notifications come to my watch, everything else I ignore.

2. Half the time I ignore my watch too. In a way it's been an unintended digital detox and I've loved it. 

3. Chemist Warehouse have excellent customer service. I received a broken palette this week, so I phoned them and they were brilliant. They offered me the choice of a refund or replacement. I chose replacement and received a shipping notification a few hours later. How brilliant is that!

4. I so want to buy some of the Sarah Roza DB Cosmetics products, they look so pretty.

5. Priceline currently have a skincare gift bag available when you spend $69 on selected brands. I won't be getting it because I don't need any more skincare, if you do it's worth checking out.

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