Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm

I love Weleda Skin Food so when I found out the range was expanding I was excited. Naturally the first item I purchased was the lip balm.

In short I'm under-whelmed. Whilst this is an okay balm, it's not amazing. I was expecting amazing. 

Skin Food Lip Balm comes in an 8ml squeeze tube with a rounded head for easy application. The tube is small enough to easily fit in a pocket or purse.


I received my balm a in summer. It was very difficult to get any balm out of the tube and when I did finally manage to get some out, this happened. Considering it's an 8ml tube, probably about a quarter of the tube contents spurted over my bench. Not a great start. 
I would understand this happening if I was squeezing the tube hard, but I wasn't. 

I scooped up what I could and put it on my lips, waiting for miracles to happen. I'm still waiting. 

The texture is very light, with a glossy finish. I don't get long lasting hydration, it's gone from my lips within half an hour. I've been using mine as a lip gloss, it's shiny enough to pass for a gloss.

Skin Food Lip Balm has the same light, natural scent that the regular Skin Food has with no detectable flavour.

When my lips are healthy Skin Food offers enough hydration to keep them happy, I don't think it'd be very effective if my lips were dry, unless I was reapplying it every fifteen minutes.

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  1. I see everyone talk about how good skinfood is supposed to be but to be honest ive never tried it and i dont really have any inclination to try it

    Andrew James - theskincaresaviour.com


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