Friday, 5 April 2019

FFS Friday - Mombie

Our never ending bed saga continues.

For those of you who are new around here, I'll start from the beginning. 
Chai has never been a good sleeper, we've always had issues with his sleeping. 

After a lot of hard work, when he was around two we finally had him going to sleep in his own bed and sleeping until around 5am. 

When Tiger started FIFO it all went to crap and he stopped sleeping in his own bed and started sleeping in my bed. Six years later he's still in my bed.

When he was first ready to move out of the cot Tiger bought him a double bed. I wanted to get him a queen sized bed, but Tiger got a double.  

A few weeks later he bought a king single bed that Chai never slept in. 

After about a month Tiger sold the double bed and bought a queen sized bed.

When Eljay was ready to move out of his cot he started sleeping in the queen sized bed with Chai. 

Chai starts off in his bed then comes into my bed during the night. Tiger can't sleep with Chai in the bed, so when Chai comes in, Tiger goes into the kids bed with Eljay.

This has been a huge issue for Tiger for a long time now so a few months ago when we went to buy drawers for Chai, we came home with a bunk bed for the boys (and no drawers). I knew it wouldn't work, but let Tiger do it so that he could see for himself.

Chai doesn't deal with change well. He needs time to get used to an idea, so if we're going to make a change I prepare him for a month before making the change.

Once we got the bunk bed Chai regressed to how he was at 18 months. It was taking him over two hours to get to sleep and he was in my bed within an hour. 

Clever us gave the queen sized bed away, so we couldn't go back to our old set up. 

After two months Tiger admitted defeat. Instead of putting the boys in the same bed again, we put them both in king single beds. Eljay sleeps a lot better in his own bed, Chai is still struggling. 

This is why I'm an exhausted mess most days.

One day I'll come back and report that both boys are sleeping all night in their own beds. Today is not that day.

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