Friday, 12 April 2019

FFS Friday - Shouting from the rooftops

It's Friday! We made it through another week. Well done.
What a week it's been. 
So many awful things are happening in the lives of my friends. Really awful, traumatic things. I feel so sad/upset/angry about what's occurred.

This swing has been a tough one, Chai has been out of sorts every single day. When Chai is out of sorts the whole family suffers, it's not fun at all. 

That's not what I want to complain about this week though.

It's a new twitch/habit that Chai has acquired. 
When he starts talking he'll yell out "Mum!" then yell "uh, uh, um, um, um" until he can start his sentence.

This isn't something he does deliberately and it's not something he can control, but it's driving me crazy! No matter how close he is to me, every time he wants to talk to me all sentences start with him yelling at me.

Chai is a very chatty child, so at a guess I'd say he yells at me at least once every five minutes. It's really, really irritating.

I really don't cope well with being yelled at. I don't like loud noises, they put me on edge and make me angry.

Getting help is so very difficult. I spoke to his OT and she didn't have any suggestions. We don't see the Psychologist again until May. I really don't know what to do. 
Speech Pathology is my next step. 

Meanwhile I just have be cope with being yelled at all day. 
For those who are wondering, I'm not coping.  

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