Sunday, 7 April 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. Three of my friends are going through a really, really awful time at the moment. It's heartbreaking to see them all suffering so much.

2. Laneige have released a Glowy Lip Balm! I have one on it's way to me, so stay tuned for a review once it arrives.

3. Who placed an order during the Sephora sale? I was restrained and only bought a deodorant and eye cream, both of which I need.

4. Speaking of sales, Priceline are having a huge hair care sale from Tuesday. I'm planning to pick up some Kristin Ess products.

5. We had the strangest incident at the park yesterday. A man riding a bike with no seat rode up, dropped his bike and went straight over to Chai and told him that he knows him (he doesn't). 
Chai didn't feel comfortable so calmly walked over to me (I was walking over to him because I didn't like the look of the guy). 
The strange guy spent another five minutes at the park staring at the kids and then rode off. It was so bizarre.

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