Friday, 8 February 2019

FFS Friday - Ranting

It's Friday! Time for me to tell you what's been annoying me lately. I can't believe I haven't whinged about this before, because it's been annoying me for a very long time.

Spring onions. Yes, that's right, spring onions are pissing me off. Remember when parsley was the garnish of choice?
Every meal that was trying to be fancy had a parsley garnish. 90% of the time that fancy garnish ended up in the bin. Thankfully we've moved on from that and now we have spring onions instead. Every meal that's trying to be fancy has raw spring onions sprinkled on it. FFS.

I really, really don't like raw onion in any form. I've decided that spring onion as a garnish is worse than parsley. At least with parsley you could just put it to the side, trying to pick out all the tiny pieces of spring onion is a nightmare.

A few weeks ago I even found spring onion on a pizza. WTF? Pizza isn't fancy and it has no right to try to pretend to be fancy.

Truth be told, none of the meals that try to look fancy by wearing spring onion are actually fancy, they're not fooling anyone but themselves. 

Instead of convincing us they're fancy they're pissing people off. I did a poll at work years ago and didn't find one person in favour of the raw spring onion garnish. I couldn't even find anyone who liked raw spring onions. 

I'd love to know who decided to replace parsley with spring onion. Terrible idea. Very terrible. They should be ashamed of themselves.  

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