Friday, 22 February 2019

FFS Friday - The stupid things people say

Sometimes people say some really stupid things. 

Last week was a particularly bad week for it. 

I was at the park with one of my childless friends, we were watching the boys play. They told me that they don't believe in anxiety, don't think the psych we're seeing next week will be able to help Chai and that they think his behaviour is manic. FFS.

Who says shit like that? 

I have a few childless friends (hi beautiful Emma) who give the best advice. They give me insights into the kids that I wouldn't have thought of. Being childless doesn't mean you can't give valuable advice.

The other stupid thing was a man at the gym. When I'm there it's my quiet time. The boys are in the creche, I have my headphones in, it's my time. 

A man came up to me and started telling me about a motorbike accident he'd had years ago. Why do people do this? I've been told so many heartbreaking, personal stories over the years. I don't understand why people tell such personal things to random strangers.

I decided I'd repay the favour so told him about my friend who had a motorbike accident and lost her leg. 
He looks at me and says "you lost your leg?" WTF?
It's pretty clear that I have both the legs I was born with.

 People can be so very silly. 

Clearly I'm perfect and never say anything silly. Hahaha. Not true, I say silly things almost every day or at least I would if I ever socialised.

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