Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Current sunscreen rotation

I have a tough time finding sunscreens that work for me. They either irritate my skin or my eyes. Thankfully, if they do irritate me I can use them on my body so they don't go to waste. 

Because of how tough it is to find sunscreen, I'm always testing out different ones to see what works for me. 

Today I'll tell you about the sunscreens I'm using at the moment.

Life Basics by Nourished Life SPF 30 Natural Facial Sunscreen Lotion
With all the raves that this gets on the Nourished Life website I was expecting miracles. There were no miracles. Whilst this isn't a bad sunscreen, it's not amazing either. I find it quite thick and a little difficult to absorb. As a daily facial sunscreen it's not love, it's too thick to use under make-up. It's okay for no make-up days, but still not my favourite. 
I've been using it on my chest and arms to use it up.  

Natio Rosewater Moisture Balance Day Cream SPF50+
I searched all over town for the new Natio Rosewater moisturiser and finally found it. I love their rosewater range, the scent is beautiful and everything I've tried is gentle, soothing and lovely to use. 
It's early days (around three week) but so far I'm very happy with this moisturiser. It's light, hydrating and smells amazing. There's nothing sunscreeny about it and I love that I don't need to use moisturiser underneath as it cuts out one step in my routine. At $19.95 it's very reasonably priced, even more so if you get it whilst it's on sale. I got mine during the Priceline sale so paid around $11. 

Baby Bum SPF 30
Baby Bum is the sunscreen that I use when I need to reapply sunscreen after swimming. It doesn't irritate my eyes, absorbs quickly and stays put. 
I wouldn't recommend it for under make-up as it has quite an oily finish so would make foundation slip around too much. It's great for beach or no make-up days.
If you don't like scented products this won't be for you as it has quite a strong scent. 

Invisible Zinc Sheer Defence Facial Moisturiser SPF50
If I could only pick one sunscreen this would be it. High SPF, non greasy, non irritating and quickly absorbed. I get mine when it's on sale at Coles, so pay around $15. Woolworths and Priceline also sell it, but their full price is $34 and Coles sells it for $27.50.
I've tried both the tinted and untinted versions and like them both. They work well both under and over make-up and can be used in place of primer. 
I do need to use moisturiser underneath as they feel weighless on my skin, but that's not a big deal 

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen
For about a year To Save Face was my favourite facial sunscreen. It's a great primer, works well under make-up and isn't irritating. 
All of a sudden it started randomly irritating my eyes. I have no idea what went wrong. I can still use it, sometimes it irritates me and sometimes it doesn't. I'll finish the tube I've got but probably won't buy another tube, which is a real shame because it's a gorgeous product.  

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra SPF50+
If it wasn't for the chemical scent I'd really love Anthelios. The scent isn't as strong in this version as it is in the Ultra Light Fluid but it's still noticeable and I don't like it at all. 
Other than the scent, there's nothing I don't like. It's quickly absorbed, feels lovely on my skin and doesn't irritate my eyes. At $29.95 it's not cheap, however I get mine when it's on sale and usually pay around $17.

Kiss Ready Skin Sun Veil Skin Balm
Whilst this isn't officially SPF rated, it's estimated to have an SPF of around 25. I've used this in really hot weather and not been sunburned so it definitely works. 
On days when my skin is sensitive and dry, I turn to Sun Veil. It's very gentle and hydrating so ideal for parched summer skin.

What's your favourite facial sunscreen? 

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  1. I absolutely love Anthelios its one of my favourites i love the XL version as its thinner and less shiny on my skin.

    Andrew James - theskincaresaviour.com


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